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It’s time to start thinking Green! At Fairbank Design we are always looking for ways to incorporate Green solutions into your project. Our team is dedicated to learning and keeping up to date with the latest innovations in the Green building industry. We can design a plan for your home or business that maximizes the sustainability by using our knowledge of the latest building materials, techniques and technology in Green design.

Sustainable Design Services:
15 minute FREE phone consultation
Design intensive at your home or business
Complete design services
(Offer is valid within the greater Boston area)

For more information please email us at: Green@FairbankDesign.com


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Americans spend an average of 90% of their lives indoors...

Enhance your indoor quality of life by introducing daylight into the space and improving your connection with the outdoors.

Incorporate Green solutions into your home or business: use certified wood, energy efficient windows and doors, water conservation, no-VOC paints, eco-friendly furniture or textiles, local or regional materials, and rapid renewal materials.

"...we should embark on a nationwide effort to retrofit buildings with better insulation and energy-efficient windows and lighting. Approximately 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States come from buildings — and stopping that pollution saves money for homeowners and businesses."

Al Gore, Former Vice President